Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hopper meeting Lunar

Here a story on how Hopper first met Lunar.

Hopper feel very excited about meeting with a new buildabear friend, he wonder what it could be. "Who in the box?" asked Hopper sitting next to the box. "Is it a bunny like me ?" He can't wait to met with the
new arrival.

Lunar pop out of box to greet the excited bunny. When Hopper saw the
Lunar was a wolf, he is no longer excited; he's now scared knowing
that wolves eat lhe little bunnies. "EEK A BIG BAD WOLF !!!" he yelled
trembling in fear. "Please don't eat me."

Lunar was offended by what Hopper said and went into her box to cry.
"I'm not bad a big bad wolf." Lunar sobs. "Why are you afraid of me ?
I just want to be your friend." Hopper notice that he did a bad thing
calling Lunar a "Big bad wolf". Seeing Lunar cry do made him sad, he
even know the Lunar isn't what he thought she would be

"Please don't cry," Hopper went to her box. "I don't mean to make you cry, I was just scared." Lunar sniff and look at Hopper. "Do you think I'm going to eat you ? she ask. Hopper reply "No, I think you're

Hopper give Lunar a hug, he now learn that wolves could be friendly too.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Time to introduce Lunar, the WWF, World Wide Fund of nature. I mention that she's the second baby of the family. She is curious as Purrie and like to
try new things.

Here is little Lunar, isn't she cute ? She pop out
of her box to look at her new home. She wonder what she
going to do today after coming out, ready for a adventure.

Lunar on chair getting her picture taken. I alway take a picture of the buildabear
I got toshow off to other.She wearing the Flora Dog dress which is wore
by Kennel Pet Buildabear, Though that it look nice on her."Are you done Daddy"t
Lunar ask. "The light scare me."She also seem to be camera shy, well
she don't like the flash from the camera.

Lunar climbing down from the chair not knowing her
Satin Pink Undibears panty are showing. Took
a shot of it while she was climbing down I forgot to
place a pillow to there to catch her if she fall, but
someone is there to catch her.

"I gotya Lunar, " said Ricky who was
there to catch Lunar wanting her to be

"Thank you Ricky. " Lunar said hugging
her hero. This made Ricky blush a bit

This all for now will post more soon picture of Lunar soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Babw babies: Brown suagr pup babies 4

It me Nicky, Sorry for a the long wait, Here is Part four.

Here we are laying on the bed we like it better than the crib. There no bar to make it look like we're in a cage. Maple want to be in the middle for some reason, she do get scare when she had nightmare, me and Ricky always try to comfort her when the happen.

Me and Ricky snuggle Maple to make her know that
we're alway there to make her feel safe. She begin to
more calm and sleep more peaceful after we
snuggle her.

We're back in the crib. Daddy put let there when
we was sleeping on the bed. We still snuggle
Maple to keep her calm while she sleep. She's cute
when she sleeping looking innocent. We even started to get use to the crib.

All the sudden Maple woke up wanting to me and Ricky
bednight hugs. I usually give Ricky and Maple night kisses
before going to bed. Maple forget to give us our hugs and
woke to give them to us. She hugging Ricky first.

Maple hugging me last while Ricky went back to
sleep. I give Maple a kiss on her nose after the
hug. I'm her favorite sibling after all. Ricky could
sometime get jeaulous that I spent alot of time
with Maple. He know that Maple also love him.
Now it time to go back to bed for all of
us . This also end our babies picture as well.
Don't worry there will be more of
them again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Babw babies: Brown sugar pups part 3.

Nicky again telling about the next chapters of our baby picutures. Sorry for the delay, Daddy didn't had the time to blog.

Here is a picture of me with my brother Ricky and sister Maple. Ricky now got himself a blue tee, Daddy return his red shirt and replace it with a white shirt.Our sister Maple is very cute puppy,she is also very shy.We're sitting in a crib that originally belong to my Daddy niece, but it was barely use. He thought that it would be a perfect place for taking our pictures

 We was suppose to be sleeping in the crib since
it was our bed time, but we wanted to sleep somewhere else, so we decide to to climb down from the crib. Our diaper buttoms are showing as we're climbing down. Daddy took of a quick shot of our bottoms as well. He thinking of putting it on greeting cards, I hope that never happen.

Daddy alway leave pillow for us to land. He knows
that me and Ricky are very naughty little pups since
we tent to wander off and cause a bit of mischief. We also get into trouble sometime. I was afraid that Daddy would spank us, but he let us sit in the corner and tell us that we can't have any treats. Me and Ricky are thinking about napping there, but want to sleep on something beside pillows.

   Little Maple is now climbing down from the crib to follow us. She alway want to tagalong with me and Ricky sometime. It do annoy us sometime especially when me and Ricky want to be along. Maple will cry when we told her that she can't go with us, not that we want to hurt her feeling; we just don't want her to follow us that much. Right now we're letting her follow us, for she doesn't like the crib either. Me or Ricky will try to catch just in case. Don't want our little sister to get hurt.

  Maple safey landed on pillow as well. Me and Ricky are glad that she's safe. We're sometime a overprotected toward her, she our little sister after and we have to protect her from danger, it what brothers and sister do. Maple wonder what we're doing next.

Me and Ricky are climbling on the bed wanting to sleep there instead of the crib. Maple sat and watch use climb on the bed. She'll be following us to the bed as well

    I was right about Maple following us to the bed. Me and Ricky watch her trying to climbing up the bed. She want to climb the bed herself, but she do need a little help, so we help her up just in case. Don't our little sister to hurt herself.

This end part three of our babies picuture. The final part will come soon. We'll see you soon.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Babw babies: Brownsugar pup part 2.

Hi, It's Nicky again, speaking for Daddy again. Telling more about our Baby pictures.

This me and my twin brother Ricky sitting in on a chair getting our picture taken. Ricky is feeling a nervous, I just hope he didn't need a diaper change. He told me he just feeling camera shy. I was also feeling camera shy as well. It a twin thing me and Ricky got.

Me and Ricky decided to come down from the chair, Eeek, why is pic of ours diaper tushes shown here. Daddy want to embarrass us, but I remember Icy telling me that we should laugh at our selves. It is kinda funny, hehehe.

A good thing that Monkey pillow what there to catch us if we fall. All we is lied down staring at the ceiling. Ricky wanted to take a nap, I wanted nap too, so nap there for a while

After taking our little nap, Daddy got us sitting down on the
for another picture. Ricky was feeling camera again, he even more shyer
than ever.

I try to cheer up my brother by hugging him. I wanted him to
know that I'm alway there for him and make him safe. Ricky had begin
feel less shy when I hug him.

Ricky returning favor, hugging me. I do love brother very much, not just him; I even love my sister Maple, Purrie, Icy, Hopper and Lunar as well

This end part two of the Baby pictures blog. On three part there will be pictures of me, Ricky, and Maple. Till next time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Babw baby pictures, Brown Sugar pups

Hi there I'm Nicky, the Brown sugar puppy, first and oldest of the family, I'll taking over for Daddy to talk about me and siblings baby pictures. This is me, I'll very cute,wearing a pink tee and baby bears diaper, Maple is even cuter. Sitting with the monkey pillow staring at the camera, I'm a bit camera shy. Daddy told me smile for him, but I kept sharing at the camera. I even thought about running away for the camera when the flash since it frighten me. Daddy told not be afraid of the flash, so I try to be brave for him. I'm having another picture taken only this time I was looking away from the camera, not because I was afraid; I was just feeling camera shy and never wanted to look at the camera. Daddy told me to look at the camera, but didn't listen. Daddy try to take another picture of me I'm still looking away from the camera this time at at the right. Daddy knew that was only shy, I now wish that I had smile for him.

EEK! never met for this to be shown, it my diaper bottom shot. I was climbing down from the chair and Daddy must had take a shot at it. I was vey embarrass when i saw this. I know some may found it cute. Going in my box to hide for the camera I never looked back. My diaper was showing little. Prehare I should had look back, at it wasn't embarrassing the like my other diaper shot. I had gotten inside half way and hurt my nose, it wasn't that bad. My diaper was showing out of the box. I was hoping that no one wasn't watching, but they could hear my crinkles. This end the Brown Sugar Pup Baby picture. Here is the my last diaper shots picture. Just promise not to call be a "diaperbutt pup". Icy did tease me with that name and felt embarrass. Icy never met to be mean to me; she just wanted a good laugh and told me that I should learn to laugh at my shelf. I admit that it do look funny.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lil'bunny Bigears and WWF greywolf.

Now to talk about Hopper and Lunar Here is little Hopper, the Buildabear's Lil'bunny Bigears, a smaller verison of the Bunny Bigears, first introduce on November of 2008, based on the flopears rabbit. He 13.75 inches shorter than the original Bunny Bigears. Here is Lunar, Buildabear's WWF, World Wildfire Fedaration, Greywolf. These type of buildabear are mainly found in Zoo, when you made one you donate a dollar to the WWF. The greywolf was first introduce on August of 2009. The greywolf got a sitdown post, don't stand on all four, though is shown on four at the bearville site. Wolves do have a bad reputation by other; claiming that they're a threat to livestock by ranchers, they solutation is to shoot. Even worse Sarah Palin had made ariel hunting legal to shoot wolves. This make Lunar very sad. I hope for the best of the wolves population.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Snazzy Kitty and Sparkle Snow leopard.

Here are picture of Purrie, the snazzy kitty and Icy, the sparkle snowleopard.
I originally plan to name the Snazzy kitty Pepper, but change it to Purrie, The Sparkle snow leopard also suppose to be name after my cousin, but couldn't spell her name, but I just name it
Icy. They both get along well.
The Snazzy kitty was introduce on December of 2008. Sparkle snow leopard introduce on July of 2009.
the vitural prize from the Snazzy kitty is cat ears and whisket. Sparkle Snow, leopard ears and nose I think.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The buildabear I got so far

Haven't been blogging much, here are the buildabear I got so far. BrownSugarPup

Yes they're dress as babies, I lost the flash drive

with their other pictures.

Nicky, first one on the left, made/born October 8, 2008.

Ricky, in middle, made/born, October 13, 2008

Maple, on right, made/born November 11, 2008

Purrie, wearing her Hello Kitty shirt made/born February 13, 2009 SparkleSnow Leopard Icy, wearing Hugs, Luv, and Peace shirt, very peaceful, nade/born June 1, 2009 Lil'Bunny Bigears

Hopper, the baby of the family, made/born

August 14, 2009

WWF Grey Wolf
My first WWF, World Wildlife Foundation ,buildabear,
the Second baby of the family, made/born September 25, 2009.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Babw fur friend:Brownsugar pup

Time to talk about my friends. My first fur friend made was the Brown Sugar Pup, name Nicky who is the first on wearing th Demi dress, made on October 8, I later made Ricky, the one with the red shirt, and Maple, the pup in the middle.
The Brown sugar pup was first introduce in at Buildabear workshop on January of 2006, the tan light brown and had a brown left ear with a sitdown pose. retired in 2008 replace with a new verison, now brown with a white patch on the left eye, open mouth, and a bit shorter. It price was $14.00 was change to $10.00 in the hoilday, is now $12.00. On the buildabearville, the old verison give you a patch while the second verison give you a balloon. The brown sugar is the one of the low cost fur friend and they consider the first fur to get first, they're also cute and lovely.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First blog on Buildabear workshop

I been meeting to post a blog about Buildabear workshop and post picture of my fur friends. Never have to change to do when I first created a blogger account and my account was suspended, but I could post a blog about buildabear workshop mostly reviews and picture of them.