Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hopper meeting Lunar

Here a story on how Hopper first met Lunar.

Hopper feel very excited about meeting with a new buildabear friend, he wonder what it could be. "Who in the box?" asked Hopper sitting next to the box. "Is it a bunny like me ?" He can't wait to met with the
new arrival.

Lunar pop out of box to greet the excited bunny. When Hopper saw the
Lunar was a wolf, he is no longer excited; he's now scared knowing
that wolves eat lhe little bunnies. "EEK A BIG BAD WOLF !!!" he yelled
trembling in fear. "Please don't eat me."

Lunar was offended by what Hopper said and went into her box to cry.
"I'm not bad a big bad wolf." Lunar sobs. "Why are you afraid of me ?
I just want to be your friend." Hopper notice that he did a bad thing
calling Lunar a "Big bad wolf". Seeing Lunar cry do made him sad, he
even know the Lunar isn't what he thought she would be

"Please don't cry," Hopper went to her box. "I don't mean to make you cry, I was just scared." Lunar sniff and look at Hopper. "Do you think I'm going to eat you ? she ask. Hopper reply "No, I think you're

Hopper give Lunar a hug, he now learn that wolves could be friendly too.