Sunday, November 22, 2009

Babw babies: Brown suagr pup babies 4

It me Nicky, Sorry for a the long wait, Here is Part four.

Here we are laying on the bed we like it better than the crib. There no bar to make it look like we're in a cage. Maple want to be in the middle for some reason, she do get scare when she had nightmare, me and Ricky always try to comfort her when the happen.

Me and Ricky snuggle Maple to make her know that
we're alway there to make her feel safe. She begin to
more calm and sleep more peaceful after we
snuggle her.

We're back in the crib. Daddy put let there when
we was sleeping on the bed. We still snuggle
Maple to keep her calm while she sleep. She's cute
when she sleeping looking innocent. We even started to get use to the crib.

All the sudden Maple woke up wanting to me and Ricky
bednight hugs. I usually give Ricky and Maple night kisses
before going to bed. Maple forget to give us our hugs and
woke to give them to us. She hugging Ricky first.

Maple hugging me last while Ricky went back to
sleep. I give Maple a kiss on her nose after the
hug. I'm her favorite sibling after all. Ricky could
sometime get jeaulous that I spent alot of time
with Maple. He know that Maple also love him.
Now it time to go back to bed for all of
us . This also end our babies picture as well.
Don't worry there will be more of
them again.

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