Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

I look I'm going to had to delay part two of the BAB exploring, I had been forgetting to continue it. Tomorrow is Christmas, there will be present and Christmas dinner.

Here a picture of Floppy and Hopper wear Baby's first Christmas bib and diaper

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trip at Build-a-bear workshop: Exploring 1

After taking their bath Glacier and Hopper decide to explore the shop and meet with new friends.

Glacier meeting with her first friend at Build-a-bear, The Bearemy's kennel pal Yorkshire Terrier. She kindly hugs her and told her that she like the dress and wanted to get it for Lunar. The Yorkshire told Glacier the dress is on sale at the kennel pal section.

Glacier then goes to the Velvet Pup and licks the cheek before hugging him. She's very friendly to other here since it was the place where she was born. She wonder where Hopper is at the shop. Glacier goes to get the dress for Lunar.

Hopper was talking to a Pawfectly Huggable Bunny, happy to met with another bunny making him feels less shy. He tells her about family and friends; talking about Lunar and the other animal friend. They even talk about carrots. Zally look at the accessory by them; wanting one, but I don't feel like buying them.

Hopper still talking with the Bunny. She ask Hopper who his friend was looking into the accessories.
Pawfectly Bunny: "Who your Zoorrific friends ?

Hopper: "She's Glacier."

Pawfectly Bunny: "I like to met her."

This will be all for now, will post part 2, later.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Trip at Build-a-bear workshop: Hopper bath

Sorry for the long delay Now it Hopper turn.
Hopper taking off got his clothes. He did need a little help taking them off. He feel a bit embarrass undressing with people enter Build-a-bear; he get nervous if people are watching him.

 Hopper got off his shirt. He wish that he got her diaper on, since he is nervous and well..... i won't say, but Glacier is there to calm him down.

Hopper off his clothes now ready for bath, but feel a bit nervous with at Build-a-bear fearing that they're be staring at him. I told he not to worry about it.

The Hopper getting his bath, he seem to the like it. Must remember to clean behind his ears and give him a brushing so he fur will be nice and shiny.

All clean and brush up, Hopper is pulling his clothes back one, he forgotten about the people watching him since their too busy shopping. 

 Hopper all dress up and ready to explore Build-a-bear with Glacier. He hope that Glacier don't cause trouble fearing he'll get unstuff since Ricky been telling story about what they do to bad fir animals. I told him not to believe it.
 Hopper: "Could i be with Glacier now ?"

It not over yet because they be exploring the store.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trip at Build-a-bear workshop: Glacier bath 2

Here is part two.

Glacier is taking her bath, she still want to play with a rubber ducky while taking bath.

Can't forget to scrub her back and clean behind her ears. She the back scrub even more. The thing I like about these bath, is that there not water for her to splash, but Glacier like the bath any way.

Bath over, it time for Glacier to put her clothes back on; she want to put the dress on herself.

Glacier: "I could put dress on myself."

Glacier all dress up and ready to explore Build-A-Bear and meet with new friend, but she need to wait for Hopper since he taking a bath next.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Trip at Build-a-bear workshop: Glacier bath.

Here picture of Glacier and Hopper's trip to the Build-a-bear workshop.

Hopper and Glacier are sitting on bench waiting for Build-a-bear to open. It do get bit boring to wait for a shop to open, but it didn't take that long for the shop to open.

Glacier: "We're going to meet with new friend there Hopper."
Hopper: "Would like to meet with another rabbit."

Build-a-bear had open,I walk inside to give Hopper and Glacier bath like I do with my other animals.Glacier is first to get a bath;she take off her dress, I could help her,but want to do it herself.

 Glacier got off on dress, it was a bit difficulty, but she was able to get it off herself like a big girl. I just hope she not planning to runaway playful since she just wearing undibears; She like to start a playful chase during bath time.

Glacier got all her clothes off and ready to take her bath. She now want a toy to play with while she having a bath. I'm guessing she want a rubber ducky.

Glacier:"Me naked."

End of part 1 will do part 2.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunar's time 4

Sorry for the long delay. You all know that the Lunar had pounce Nicky in a play way. Nicky decided to gave the little wolf a tummy rub which she like.

After giving Lunar her tummy rub. She tell the little wolf that it time for her nap. Lunar won't to take a nap though she is a bit tired.

Lunar: "Do I have to take a nap."

Nicky: "Yes you do"

Lunar did take her nap.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lunar's time 3

Here more of the little wolf

  Lunar feeling a bit bored, she wearing her favorite wolf shirt, but she don't feel happy. Everyone is too busy to play with her since they're cleaning up the room. Lunar do want some attention.

Lunar: "Me want to play."

Nicky came to keep Lunar some company while the other was busy. She give the lonely pup a hug to cheer her up. This made Lunar a little happy.

Lunar started to cry thinking that no one care about her. Nicky try to comfort her. She should know that everyone care about her including Nicky.

Nicky: "There There Lunar don't cry."

Lunar playfully pounce Nicky, look like she wasn't sad after all.

Lunar: "Pinned you."

Nicky: "Lunar you sneaky little wolf."

Lunar hugs Nicky as a apology to her.

Lunar: "Me Sorry Nicky."

Nicky: "It okay."

Nicky know that Lunar was just being playful.

The finally part will be posted tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lunar's time 2

Here Lunar again hugging my leg, I wonder why, She
wearing her Grey wolf shirt, but still wearing a diaper, she doesn't seem to care.

Don't worry I didn't shake Lunar off my leg. She stop hugging it and lie on the floor whining to be pick up. I know that Lunar wanted attention. I'm pick her up so she could stop whining.

 Lunar is lying on my lap, I couldn't stand her whining. so she is now with me. She even get a tummy rub.

Lunar: "Hi Daddy."

Lunar now sitting on lap feeling a bit scared.

Lunar:" Could I sleep with you tonight ? The storm scares me."

It was raining while I was taking picture. What am I going to do with this pup. She'll need a diaper change as well, time to end this story.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lunar Time

Here's Lunar looking lovely as ever wearing a new type of
diaper that isn't from Buildabear Workshop, it from K-mart, a 
hole was cut for her tail. I now got  my own camera, so I no lonnger
need to use the family camera which now have a problem. Okay
back to little Lunar who is just sitting on bed just in a diaper.

Lunar: I could have some clothes please ?

 Well can't let her be bared, I'm better get her some clothes.

Lunar laying on bed while I'm getting clothes for her. I hope she
doesn't get bored waiting because Lunar will wander off when bored, so she need someone to keep her company and a tummy rub.

All for now, later.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sorry for not blogging much

Been busy on the other things. Here are some picture to show.
Here is Glacier, the Zoorrific Snow Leopard and sister to Icy. Got her on June 6.

Here is Blossom and Glitter, Blossom I got after Easter. Glitter I got in May.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lunar out of box story

You're new to the world and want to explore, Lunar was like that and she wasn't very careful. Here is how.

Lunar looking out for her box. She ready for a adventure. She don't want to just stay in her box doing nothing all day. Lunar thought she climb out his box and wander around the house and take a nap after her little adventure, she even wanted Hopper to came along with her as well.

Lunar try to climb down from her box, she believe that nothing will happen, Nicky warn her not to climb out by her self unless some some is there to help, but Lunar didn't it would to a problem she isn't that high from the box and  she'll land on the feet, she only climbing down from her box what could go wrong.

Lunar got down at the wrong time land on her and hitting it not safe to try to climb out of the box on her. Lunar started to cry.
Icy heard Lunar and went to her. "What wrong Lunar ?" she ask.
Lunar could only whimper to her. Icy hug the wolf hoping to
calm her down.
Lunar hug Icy back telling her that she fell from the
box. She still cries. Icy continue to calm her down.

Icy got on chair with Lunar and rub to tummy. Lunar
stop crying and calm down liking the tummy rub.

Icy calms Lunar down and kiss on the cheek. She tells
her to be careful that next she try to climb out of her

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meet Zally

 Here are is newest member of the family.  Zally, the Beary exclusive Baby Panther. I been interested in getting the baby panther when I first saw it. She is the one fur friend friend who stand on all four.  Zally is
the baby sister to Icy, the Sparkle snow leopard even though they're different. Her clothing 35th anniversary Hello Kitty shirt and baby bears diaper since she a baby panther. My fur will be getting along with her.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Lunar.

I haven't been posting anything in the blog in a long time. Here are Lunar Baby pictures.

Here Lunar with just a diaper a on, she feeling a bit shy.

 Gave her a pink tee to wear. She want to doing
something beside just sitting there
Lunar's cute and embarrassing diaper back shot. She is
very embarrassing about this shot like Nicky. 

This will be all for now, don't want to embarrass Lunar too much. I also got a baby panther name Zally that 
I'll post here very soon.