Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Purrie and yarn 3

Now, the final part of the story.

Purrie woke up and notice that she's tangle in yarn.
Purrie *struggle* Me need help.

Blossom heard Purrie and untangle her from yarn.
Blossom: Happy Little Kitty ?

Purrie hugs Blossom happy to be untangle.
Blossom: I'll take that for a yes.

Blossom snuggle Purrie
Blossom: You're welcome little kitty, now it time for a nap.

That the end of the story.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Purrie and yarn 2

Continuing story with Purrie playing with yarn

Purrie getting tangles up while playing with yarn, she don't seem to  care at the moment.

Purrie still playing  and getting  tangle up,
Purrie: Yarn fun.
Purrie starting to get tired, so she lying down to rest .
Purrie take nap a even though she is tangle up.

The final part with be posted here tommorrow.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Purrie and yarn ball 1

After a long absence, I'll do a more on my Build-a-bear animals.

Purrie: Yay yarn !
Baby Purrie see a ball of yarn, like all cats, she want to play with it, she was feeling very  bored and I don't want her to scratch the couch, so I gave her the yarn ball to play with.

Playing with yarn 

Purrie liking her ball of yarn.

Purrie: Yarn fun *roll ball*

Purrie lying on bed enjoying the yarn ball; she having fun the yarn, rolling and tossing it.

Purrie: *purring as she play with yarn*

Purrie getting tangle.

Purrie enjoying the yarn so more, she doesn't know that she's getting tangle by it. Will continue the rest of the story tommorrow.