Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trip at Build-a-bear workshop: Glacier bath 2

Here is part two.

Glacier is taking her bath, she still want to play with a rubber ducky while taking bath.

Can't forget to scrub her back and clean behind her ears. She the back scrub even more. The thing I like about these bath, is that there not water for her to splash, but Glacier like the bath any way.

Bath over, it time for Glacier to put her clothes back on; she want to put the dress on herself.

Glacier: "I could put dress on myself."

Glacier all dress up and ready to explore Build-A-Bear and meet with new friend, but she need to wait for Hopper since he taking a bath next.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Trip at Build-a-bear workshop: Glacier bath.

Here picture of Glacier and Hopper's trip to the Build-a-bear workshop.

Hopper and Glacier are sitting on bench waiting for Build-a-bear to open. It do get bit boring to wait for a shop to open, but it didn't take that long for the shop to open.

Glacier: "We're going to meet with new friend there Hopper."
Hopper: "Would like to meet with another rabbit."

Build-a-bear had open,I walk inside to give Hopper and Glacier bath like I do with my other animals.Glacier is first to get a bath;she take off her dress, I could help her,but want to do it herself.

 Glacier got off on dress, it was a bit difficulty, but she was able to get it off herself like a big girl. I just hope she not planning to runaway playful since she just wearing undibears; She like to start a playful chase during bath time.

Glacier got all her clothes off and ready to take her bath. She now want a toy to play with while she having a bath. I'm guessing she want a rubber ducky.

Glacier:"Me naked."

End of part 1 will do part 2.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunar's time 4

Sorry for the long delay. You all know that the Lunar had pounce Nicky in a play way. Nicky decided to gave the little wolf a tummy rub which she like.

After giving Lunar her tummy rub. She tell the little wolf that it time for her nap. Lunar won't to take a nap though she is a bit tired.

Lunar: "Do I have to take a nap."

Nicky: "Yes you do"

Lunar did take her nap.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lunar's time 3

Here more of the little wolf

  Lunar feeling a bit bored, she wearing her favorite wolf shirt, but she don't feel happy. Everyone is too busy to play with her since they're cleaning up the room. Lunar do want some attention.

Lunar: "Me want to play."

Nicky came to keep Lunar some company while the other was busy. She give the lonely pup a hug to cheer her up. This made Lunar a little happy.

Lunar started to cry thinking that no one care about her. Nicky try to comfort her. She should know that everyone care about her including Nicky.

Nicky: "There There Lunar don't cry."

Lunar playfully pounce Nicky, look like she wasn't sad after all.

Lunar: "Pinned you."

Nicky: "Lunar you sneaky little wolf."

Lunar hugs Nicky as a apology to her.

Lunar: "Me Sorry Nicky."

Nicky: "It okay."

Nicky know that Lunar was just being playful.

The finally part will be posted tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lunar's time 2

Here Lunar again hugging my leg, I wonder why, She
wearing her Grey wolf shirt, but still wearing a diaper, she doesn't seem to care.

Don't worry I didn't shake Lunar off my leg. She stop hugging it and lie on the floor whining to be pick up. I know that Lunar wanted attention. I'm pick her up so she could stop whining.

 Lunar is lying on my lap, I couldn't stand her whining. so she is now with me. She even get a tummy rub.

Lunar: "Hi Daddy."

Lunar now sitting on lap feeling a bit scared.

Lunar:" Could I sleep with you tonight ? The storm scares me."

It was raining while I was taking picture. What am I going to do with this pup. She'll need a diaper change as well, time to end this story.