Saturday, November 28, 2009


Time to introduce Lunar, the WWF, World Wide Fund of nature. I mention that she's the second baby of the family. She is curious as Purrie and like to
try new things.

Here is little Lunar, isn't she cute ? She pop out
of her box to look at her new home. She wonder what she
going to do today after coming out, ready for a adventure.

Lunar on chair getting her picture taken. I alway take a picture of the buildabear
I got toshow off to other.She wearing the Flora Dog dress which is wore
by Kennel Pet Buildabear, Though that it look nice on her."Are you done Daddy"t
Lunar ask. "The light scare me."She also seem to be camera shy, well
she don't like the flash from the camera.

Lunar climbing down from the chair not knowing her
Satin Pink Undibears panty are showing. Took
a shot of it while she was climbing down I forgot to
place a pillow to there to catch her if she fall, but
someone is there to catch her.

"I gotya Lunar, " said Ricky who was
there to catch Lunar wanting her to be

"Thank you Ricky. " Lunar said hugging
her hero. This made Ricky blush a bit

This all for now will post more soon picture of Lunar soon.

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  1. My purple pony friend Pirouette has a dress just like that. She thinks it's very pretty as well. Lunar is lucky that there was someone there to catch her-- falling is not fun!