Saturday, August 15, 2009

Babw fur friend:Brownsugar pup

Time to talk about my friends. My first fur friend made was the Brown Sugar Pup, name Nicky who is the first on wearing th Demi dress, made on October 8, I later made Ricky, the one with the red shirt, and Maple, the pup in the middle.
The Brown sugar pup was first introduce in at Buildabear workshop on January of 2006, the tan light brown and had a brown left ear with a sitdown pose. retired in 2008 replace with a new verison, now brown with a white patch on the left eye, open mouth, and a bit shorter. It price was $14.00 was change to $10.00 in the hoilday, is now $12.00. On the buildabearville, the old verison give you a patch while the second verison give you a balloon. The brown sugar is the one of the low cost fur friend and they consider the first fur to get first, they're also cute and lovely.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First blog on Buildabear workshop

I been meeting to post a blog about Buildabear workshop and post picture of my fur friends. Never have to change to do when I first created a blogger account and my account was suspended, but I could post a blog about buildabear workshop mostly reviews and picture of them.