Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Babw babies: Brown sugar pups part 3.

Nicky again telling about the next chapters of our baby picutures. Sorry for the delay, Daddy didn't had the time to blog.

Here is a picture of me with my brother Ricky and sister Maple. Ricky now got himself a blue tee, Daddy return his red shirt and replace it with a white shirt.Our sister Maple is very cute puppy,she is also very shy.We're sitting in a crib that originally belong to my Daddy niece, but it was barely use. He thought that it would be a perfect place for taking our pictures

 We was suppose to be sleeping in the crib since
it was our bed time, but we wanted to sleep somewhere else, so we decide to to climb down from the crib. Our diaper buttoms are showing as we're climbing down. Daddy took of a quick shot of our bottoms as well. He thinking of putting it on greeting cards, I hope that never happen.

Daddy alway leave pillow for us to land. He knows
that me and Ricky are very naughty little pups since
we tent to wander off and cause a bit of mischief. We also get into trouble sometime. I was afraid that Daddy would spank us, but he let us sit in the corner and tell us that we can't have any treats. Me and Ricky are thinking about napping there, but want to sleep on something beside pillows.

   Little Maple is now climbing down from the crib to follow us. She alway want to tagalong with me and Ricky sometime. It do annoy us sometime especially when me and Ricky want to be along. Maple will cry when we told her that she can't go with us, not that we want to hurt her feeling; we just don't want her to follow us that much. Right now we're letting her follow us, for she doesn't like the crib either. Me or Ricky will try to catch just in case. Don't want our little sister to get hurt.

  Maple safey landed on pillow as well. Me and Ricky are glad that she's safe. We're sometime a overprotected toward her, she our little sister after and we have to protect her from danger, it what brothers and sister do. Maple wonder what we're doing next.

Me and Ricky are climbling on the bed wanting to sleep there instead of the crib. Maple sat and watch use climb on the bed. She'll be following us to the bed as well

    I was right about Maple following us to the bed. Me and Ricky watch her trying to climbing up the bed. She want to climb the bed herself, but she do need a little help, so we help her up just in case. Don't our little sister to hurt herself.

This end part three of our babies picuture. The final part will come soon. We'll see you soon.


  1. Is the crib yours now? I think having your own furniture would be cool, but I would want to sleep with my owner. It's much warmer! I guess we do have a few chairs that are bear sized.

    Pilar says hello again. She wanted me to tell you that she wishes she could come over and play with you. She's currently watching TV in the other room with my sister Chloe or she'd type here herself. They're watching Ghost Hunters and don't want to miss a minute of the hauntings!

  2. Nicky: It wasn't our for long, it is now used for his second niece. We sleep on Daddy's bed most of the time. I do wish that Pilar could come over to play.