Monday, June 11, 2012

Shiny Show Leopard

Let continue the Shiny Blog series featuring Glacier wearing Pink Ruffle sequin top and pink satin undibears panty.
 Looking cute Glacier: "Would like some shiny pants"
Glacier: "It boring just sitting there."
Doing headstand Glacier:" Look at me!"
Ending this here for now, but there is more to post.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shiny Wolf and Shiny Fox

I haven't post a blog in since it did Purrie playing with yarn, time to post a blog. Heclothesre we have Lunar and Tan wearing shiny shirt, Lunar wearing White Sequin shirt and satin white panty while Tan is wearing the Fuchsia Sequin tunic and stain fuchsia panty. The two wanted to show off wearing along with the undibears.  

The two standing up. Lunar: "we look so sparkly Tan: "and Shiny."

3/4 view. Lunar: "Not wearing pants unless they're shiny." Tan: "the same with skirts"

Doing headstand to show off. Lunar: "I wish Purrie could join us." Tan: "Everything upside down."

Lunar: "Let get down now, head."  Tan: "Okay."

Wolf and Fox Panty shots Lunar: "Maybe we should had wore pants." Tan: "Or shirts."

Back view of panty shots. Lunar: "We're being watch." Tan: "they'll take pictures and show them online."

This is where I end this blog. These two had gotten it in the end.