Sunday, October 18, 2009

Snazzy Kitty and Sparkle Snow leopard.

Here are picture of Purrie, the snazzy kitty and Icy, the sparkle snowleopard.
I originally plan to name the Snazzy kitty Pepper, but change it to Purrie, The Sparkle snow leopard also suppose to be name after my cousin, but couldn't spell her name, but I just name it
Icy. They both get along well.
The Snazzy kitty was introduce on December of 2008. Sparkle snow leopard introduce on July of 2009.
the vitural prize from the Snazzy kitty is cat ears and whisket. Sparkle Snow, leopard ears and nose I think.


  1. We have a World Wildlife Federation snow leopard living here. Her name is Eira. We don't know when she was made because she was rescued from Goodwill.

    Do you have many more Build-a-Bear friends? We have lots of them living here.

  2. There are two unname bears that belong to my two nephews. One a Curly Bear, the other is a reading bear.