Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Babw babies: Brownsugar pup part 2.

Hi, It's Nicky again, speaking for Daddy again. Telling more about our Baby pictures.

This me and my twin brother Ricky sitting in on a chair getting our picture taken. Ricky is feeling a nervous, I just hope he didn't need a diaper change. He told me he just feeling camera shy. I was also feeling camera shy as well. It a twin thing me and Ricky got.

Me and Ricky decided to come down from the chair, Eeek, why is pic of ours diaper tushes shown here. Daddy want to embarrass us, but I remember Icy telling me that we should laugh at our selves. It is kinda funny, hehehe.

A good thing that Monkey pillow what there to catch us if we fall. All we is lied down staring at the ceiling. Ricky wanted to take a nap, I wanted nap too, so nap there for a while

After taking our little nap, Daddy got us sitting down on the
for another picture. Ricky was feeling camera again, he even more shyer
than ever.

I try to cheer up my brother by hugging him. I wanted him to
know that I'm alway there for him and make him safe. Ricky had begin
feel less shy when I hug him.

Ricky returning favor, hugging me. I do love brother very much, not just him; I even love my sister Maple, Purrie, Icy, Hopper and Lunar as well

This end part two of the Baby pictures blog. On three part there will be pictures of me, Ricky, and Maple. Till next time.

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