Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Babw baby pictures, Brown Sugar pups

Hi there I'm Nicky, the Brown sugar puppy, first and oldest of the family, I'll taking over for Daddy to talk about me and siblings baby pictures. This is me, I'll very cute,wearing a pink tee and baby bears diaper, Maple is even cuter. Sitting with the monkey pillow staring at the camera, I'm a bit camera shy. Daddy told me smile for him, but I kept sharing at the camera. I even thought about running away for the camera when the flash since it frighten me. Daddy told not be afraid of the flash, so I try to be brave for him. I'm having another picture taken only this time I was looking away from the camera, not because I was afraid; I was just feeling camera shy and never wanted to look at the camera. Daddy told me to look at the camera, but didn't listen. Daddy try to take another picture of me I'm still looking away from the camera this time at at the right. Daddy knew that was only shy, I now wish that I had smile for him.

EEK! never met for this to be shown, it my diaper bottom shot. I was climbing down from the chair and Daddy must had take a shot at it. I was vey embarrass when i saw this. I know some may found it cute. Going in my box to hide for the camera I never looked back. My diaper was showing little. Prehare I should had look back, at it wasn't embarrassing the like my other diaper shot. I had gotten inside half way and hurt my nose, it wasn't that bad. My diaper was showing out of the box. I was hoping that no one wasn't watching, but they could hear my crinkles. This end the Brown Sugar Pup Baby picture. Here is the my last diaper shots picture. Just promise not to call be a "diaperbutt pup". Icy did tease me with that name and felt embarrass. Icy never met to be mean to me; she just wanted a good laugh and told me that I should learn to laugh at my shelf. I admit that it do look funny.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lil'bunny Bigears and WWF greywolf.

Now to talk about Hopper and Lunar Here is little Hopper, the Buildabear's Lil'bunny Bigears, a smaller verison of the Bunny Bigears, first introduce on November of 2008, based on the flopears rabbit. He 13.75 inches shorter than the original Bunny Bigears. Here is Lunar, Buildabear's WWF, World Wildfire Fedaration, Greywolf. These type of buildabear are mainly found in Zoo, when you made one you donate a dollar to the WWF. The greywolf was first introduce on August of 2009. The greywolf got a sitdown post, don't stand on all four, though is shown on four at the bearville site. Wolves do have a bad reputation by other; claiming that they're a threat to livestock by ranchers, they solutation is to shoot. Even worse Sarah Palin had made ariel hunting legal to shoot wolves. This make Lunar very sad. I hope for the best of the wolves population.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Snazzy Kitty and Sparkle Snow leopard.

Here are picture of Purrie, the snazzy kitty and Icy, the sparkle snowleopard.
I originally plan to name the Snazzy kitty Pepper, but change it to Purrie, The Sparkle snow leopard also suppose to be name after my cousin, but couldn't spell her name, but I just name it
Icy. They both get along well.
The Snazzy kitty was introduce on December of 2008. Sparkle snow leopard introduce on July of 2009.
the vitural prize from the Snazzy kitty is cat ears and whisket. Sparkle Snow, leopard ears and nose I think.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The buildabear I got so far

Haven't been blogging much, here are the buildabear I got so far. BrownSugarPup

Yes they're dress as babies, I lost the flash drive

with their other pictures.

Nicky, first one on the left, made/born October 8, 2008.

Ricky, in middle, made/born, October 13, 2008

Maple, on right, made/born November 11, 2008

Purrie, wearing her Hello Kitty shirt made/born February 13, 2009 SparkleSnow Leopard Icy, wearing Hugs, Luv, and Peace shirt, very peaceful, nade/born June 1, 2009 Lil'Bunny Bigears

Hopper, the baby of the family, made/born

August 14, 2009

WWF Grey Wolf
My first WWF, World Wildlife Foundation ,buildabear,
the Second baby of the family, made/born September 25, 2009.