Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lil'bunny Bigears and WWF greywolf.

Now to talk about Hopper and Lunar Here is little Hopper, the Buildabear's Lil'bunny Bigears, a smaller verison of the Bunny Bigears, first introduce on November of 2008, based on the flopears rabbit. He 13.75 inches shorter than the original Bunny Bigears. Here is Lunar, Buildabear's WWF, World Wildfire Fedaration, Greywolf. These type of buildabear are mainly found in Zoo, when you made one you donate a dollar to the WWF. The greywolf was first introduce on August of 2009. The greywolf got a sitdown post, don't stand on all four, though is shown on four at the bearville site. Wolves do have a bad reputation by other; claiming that they're a threat to livestock by ranchers, they solutation is to shoot. Even worse Sarah Palin had made ariel hunting legal to shoot wolves. This make Lunar very sad. I hope for the best of the wolves population.


  1. Actually, the World Wildlife Fund collection is a series that releases a new animal around late September, early October of each year. It started off with the Panda Bear and the series has continued. However, this year was the first time that they released a "lil' friend" for the WWF collection.