Friday, September 3, 2010

Lunar's time 3

Here more of the little wolf

  Lunar feeling a bit bored, she wearing her favorite wolf shirt, but she don't feel happy. Everyone is too busy to play with her since they're cleaning up the room. Lunar do want some attention.

Lunar: "Me want to play."

Nicky came to keep Lunar some company while the other was busy. She give the lonely pup a hug to cheer her up. This made Lunar a little happy.

Lunar started to cry thinking that no one care about her. Nicky try to comfort her. She should know that everyone care about her including Nicky.

Nicky: "There There Lunar don't cry."

Lunar playfully pounce Nicky, look like she wasn't sad after all.

Lunar: "Pinned you."

Nicky: "Lunar you sneaky little wolf."

Lunar hugs Nicky as a apology to her.

Lunar: "Me Sorry Nicky."

Nicky: "It okay."

Nicky know that Lunar was just being playful.

The finally part will be posted tomorrow.

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