Friday, March 12, 2010

Lunar out of box story

You're new to the world and want to explore, Lunar was like that and she wasn't very careful. Here is how.

Lunar looking out for her box. She ready for a adventure. She don't want to just stay in her box doing nothing all day. Lunar thought she climb out his box and wander around the house and take a nap after her little adventure, she even wanted Hopper to came along with her as well.

Lunar try to climb down from her box, she believe that nothing will happen, Nicky warn her not to climb out by her self unless some some is there to help, but Lunar didn't it would to a problem she isn't that high from the box and  she'll land on the feet, she only climbing down from her box what could go wrong.

Lunar got down at the wrong time land on her and hitting it not safe to try to climb out of the box on her. Lunar started to cry.
Icy heard Lunar and went to her. "What wrong Lunar ?" she ask.
Lunar could only whimper to her. Icy hug the wolf hoping to
calm her down.
Lunar hug Icy back telling her that she fell from the
box. She still cries. Icy continue to calm her down.

Icy got on chair with Lunar and rub to tummy. Lunar
stop crying and calm down liking the tummy rub.

Icy calms Lunar down and kiss on the cheek. She tells
her to be careful that next she try to climb out of her

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