Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lunar's time 2

Here Lunar again hugging my leg, I wonder why, She
wearing her Grey wolf shirt, but still wearing a diaper, she doesn't seem to care.

Don't worry I didn't shake Lunar off my leg. She stop hugging it and lie on the floor whining to be pick up. I know that Lunar wanted attention. I'm pick her up so she could stop whining.

 Lunar is lying on my lap, I couldn't stand her whining. so she is now with me. She even get a tummy rub.

Lunar: "Hi Daddy."

Lunar now sitting on lap feeling a bit scared.

Lunar:" Could I sleep with you tonight ? The storm scares me."

It was raining while I was taking picture. What am I going to do with this pup. She'll need a diaper change as well, time to end this story.

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  1. Mom says that most little kids don't mind being half naked!