Friday, September 24, 2010

Trip at Build-a-bear workshop: Glacier bath.

Here picture of Glacier and Hopper's trip to the Build-a-bear workshop.

Hopper and Glacier are sitting on bench waiting for Build-a-bear to open. It do get bit boring to wait for a shop to open, but it didn't take that long for the shop to open.

Glacier: "We're going to meet with new friend there Hopper."
Hopper: "Would like to meet with another rabbit."

Build-a-bear had open,I walk inside to give Hopper and Glacier bath like I do with my other animals.Glacier is first to get a bath;she take off her dress, I could help her,but want to do it herself.

 Glacier got off on dress, it was a bit difficulty, but she was able to get it off herself like a big girl. I just hope she not planning to runaway playful since she just wearing undibears; She like to start a playful chase during bath time.

Glacier got all her clothes off and ready to take her bath. She now want a toy to play with while she having a bath. I'm guessing she want a rubber ducky.

Glacier:"Me naked."

End of part 1 will do part 2.


  1. It would be a big problem if she started running around BAB!

  2. Even bigger problem when their lot of people there.