Friday, July 15, 2011

Purrie and yarn ball 1

After a long absence, I'll do a more on my Build-a-bear animals.

Purrie: Yay yarn !
Baby Purrie see a ball of yarn, like all cats, she want to play with it, she was feeling very  bored and I don't want her to scratch the couch, so I gave her the yarn ball to play with.

Playing with yarn 

Purrie liking her ball of yarn.

Purrie: Yarn fun *roll ball*

Purrie lying on bed enjoying the yarn ball; she having fun the yarn, rolling and tossing it.

Purrie: *purring as she play with yarn*

Purrie getting tangle.

Purrie enjoying the yarn so more, she doesn't know that she's getting tangle by it. Will continue the rest of the story tommorrow.

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