Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clover the Lamb

Time to post a blog the the two new addition to the family. Starting with Clover, who I got on the 18th of March.

 Here is Clover, the cinnamon bun lamb, born on Friday, March 18. after making her I went and sat on the bench to wait for the bus. Clover peek out of the bag to see where she it.

Clover was feeling curious, she begin to crawl out of the bag. Well we do get curious about something and want to see what going on, so I let her come out.

Clover still coming out of bag. Forgot to take the tag off her ears. She wander that where she is while coming out.

Clover is now out of bag and ready to explore a little .

Clover on bench looking around at the mall. She be making new friends at home. She wonder if there other lambs like her

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